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MARKANWelcome to the MARKAN website, where you will find a lot of information from the MARKAN audio equipment manufacturer dedicated to the sole purpose – careful and once again careful reproduction of MUSIC.

MARKAN is a small audiophile company in Russia, where it is well known to audiophiles and enthusiasts of serious sound. The launch of the international MARKAN site took place on spring 2018, although until this time MARKAN has successfully worked in Russia for 20 years, therefore, the basic information on MARKAN products is focused on Russian. On the pages of this site there is a map of consumers of MARKAN products – at the moment there are 96 cities (not 96 people, but 96 cities, mostly in Russia) – let it be a small argument in favor of the relevance of the information I provide. Real customer reviews, photos of MARKAN’s technology in consumer’s setups, reportages from exhibitions, journal articles, magazine tests and other related information on MARKAN products simply did not fit on the pages of this site – you will find them on Russian on the Russian MARKANaudio forum and store – these sites can easily be translated using Google.

Please, keep in mind that MARKAN products are hand made products, therefore in appearance they may give a way to industrial products. Everywhere there are detailed real photos of MARKAN products. The most important thing in MARKAN is the sound. I can guarantee that the sound is at the highest possible level, which can only be imagined. In private correspondence, I can give references to the audio equipment with which we are dealing – these are the most top-end devices and cables.
I promise the most top-end sound and the possibility of an absolutely problem-free return of all ordered items within 14 days after receiving the parcel. Shipping worldwide – free via EMS service. Focus on the prices indicated on the site – the delivery is free for you.

You can ask any questions about the products  MARKAN and find additional information in our English-language forum: MARKANaudio forum.

To have a good sound at home is real happiness. Owners of MARKAN know more about happiness than others. Be happy!

Sincerely, Andrey Markitanov, Russia.

DAC MARKAN silver MARKAN is a audiophile digital music source and an assortment of all required top-level audio cables.

As of 2018, the manufacturer’s experience in this field is 20 years.
In order not to lose the pace of our narration, I will immediately allow myself to introduce a descriptive term from communication with the music “goose bumps” (the strong sense of complicity). They either are, or they are not. If they are not there – there’s nothing to talk about. If they are, you can talk about this sound a lot and a long time. Apparently, 100% of consumers of MARKAN products had no idea about the existence of such a phenomenon before getting to know the products of MARKAN. All further narration is based on that guaranteed fact that the consumer of MARKAN products is guaranteed to receive these emotions and sensations during and even after listening to Music. Therefore, we have something to talk about. So, we continue the conversation!

Life is just a habit. Start to get used to live with a good sound!

MARKAN – always in the center of the sound!



International site MARKAN launched into life!