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You are greeted by the developer of MARKAN technology Andrey Markitanov, Taganrog, Russia.

Despite the possible territorial remoteness, we, most likely, have already met. This could happen at one of the Moscow exhibitions in which I took part: “Russian HI-END 1998-2013” (Institute of MTUCI, as part of the team of the company “Three B”), “Hi-Fi Show 2001” (Hotel Iris , as part of the team of the company “Horizon”), “HDI-Show 2006” (hotel “Iris”, as part of the team of the company RONEe’S).

We also could meet in the pages of the magazine “Practice” (an appendix to the respected magazine “SalonAV“), where I led a rubric on digital sound. You could meet some of my recommendations and directly on the pages of the magazine “SalonAV“, which I recommend as the most honest and responsible source of information in all matters of sound reproduction in Russia.

If we were not lucky enough to meet directly in our time – it does not matter. Once you are here, it means that you have “hooked” information about the MARKAN technique, which is very much on the Internet and other information resources. All my periodical articles can be found among the abundance of other useful material in the “Articles” section, direct acquaintance with the MARKAN technique is a very simple exercise. All my activity is based on giving potential consumers the most friendly conditions for possible cooperation, with the possibility of returning commodity-money relations to their initial positions without explaining the reasons. This strategy (direct deliveries from the manufacturer directly to the consumer) has fully justified itself and I invite you to participate in this program of acquaintance with serious sound.

For my part, I guarantee the most friendly, attentive and accurate attitude to all aspects of our possible cooperation. I guarantee that getting to know the MARKAN technique will bring your emotional side of life from communicating with MUSIC to a whole new level, making it brighter and more saturated. Why can you be sure of this? First of all, this is my many years of successful experience in development and production in this field. Having become acquainted with my literary work, you will notice that I always give only information that can always be checked by yourself or obtained from other sources. The main my views on life in matters of sound reproduction you can evaluate in the section “Ideology“. If the points of view on these questions at least to some extent coincide – I invite you to a direct acquaintance with the technology MARKAN.

In any case, the conditions of possible cooperation offered by me do not oblige you to anything – there is always an opportunity to return our commodity-money relations to their original positions.  I can only guarantee that the sound I propose will be very different and sharply different from that with which you had to deal before.

In continuation of our acquaintance with you, I especially note that those serious positions in the sound demonstrated by the MARKAN technique are largely due to the help and support that my Taganrog colleagues give me: Mr Vladimir Starodubtsev and Vasily Unuchek. Only by joint efforts it is possible to form a style of work of technology, which is well known as the “Taganrog school of sound”.

Invaluable help is provided by my wife Galina, who, through her benevolence, patience and fresh views, supports and directs my efforts in this complex direction. In addition, she is the main production force in my cable production process – the basic technological operations simply do not allow male hands. Why? – more in the sections “Interconnect Cables” and “Ideology“.

On this I allow myself to complete the lyrical introduction to our acquaintance and invite you to visit other sections of the site that contain detailed specific information.

I am always in touch and always happy to share any information.

Sincerely, Andrey Markitanov.

MARKAN – always in the center of the sound!

Consumers of MARKAN audio products know more about happiness than others. Be happy!