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This section contains materials that at different times came out from under my pen and some were published in the Russian audio periodicals. In these articles, I am not pursuing the goal of “getting to the bottom of the truth”, but simply, most often, I am looking at various issues from different angles, unobtrusively demonstrating my position in their evaluation.

Technical articles, at the request of the editorial office, were formed at the level of information “for beginners”. Since their publication, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and these materials should be considered only as fact-finding materials, and not as the author’s current position on the issues under consideration.

The actual design of the MARKAN technique is incommensurably more complex than the engineering approaches in question.

I guarantee that even a cursory acquaintance with the information in this section will be very informative and will convince you of the need for a deeper acquaintance with this information.

Sincerely, Andrey Markitanov.

MARKAN – always in the center of the sound!

F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) on the MARKAN technique. For audiophiles only 🙂

The name speaks for itself – detailed answers to many questions.

DAC MARKAN user’s manual. For audiophiles only 🙂

Each DAC MARKAN is accompanied with a printed instruction manual for a wide range of recommendations and advice, which should be taken into account when using the MARKAN technology or any other similar technique. Some recommendations at one time were published in the magazine “Salon AV”. After reviewing the operating instructions for the DAC MARKAN, you will be able to more carefully assess the need to get acquainted with the MARKAN technique.

All you wanted to know about digital sound, but no one had to ask. (on Russian)

This brochure was written a long time ago – back in 2003 and since then has undergone minor changes and additions. Some of the information has since become a little outdated, but I did not edit it to preserve the visibility of the development of information on digital sound.

Complex issues are considered very lucid and entertaining. I guarantee that you will get a lot of pleasure along with really serious information.

The information contained in this document is based on many of the principled provisions that have been touched on all sections of this website.

Be sure to read!

DAC of entry level. (on Russian)

The first of a series of technical articles published in the journal “Practice“. At the request of the editorial office of the journal, the level of information provided corresponds to the category “For beginners”. The actual design of DAC MARKAN has little in common with the described projects, because DAC MARKAN is a completely different level of engineering approach.

Your attention is offered author’s versions of all articles, much more voluminous than those published in the journal.

Digital counterrevolution. (on Russian)

Next article from the series of technical articles on digital sound, published in the journal “Practice“.

How to feed the orchestra? (on Russian)

The most sensational article from the cycle of technical articles in the journal “Practice“.

Consumers of MARKAN audio products know more about happiness than others. Be happy!