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MARKAN acoustic cables are a separate song… I do not even have an explanation as to why this happens… On classical and “heavy” music, acoustics simply starts tearing the surrounding space into shreds – the power of sound, paired with high resolution – it’s a serious thing… Not for the weak nerves. On classical music, “goose bumps” become commonplace. All the small “roughness” and large claims that you have made your whole life to your loudspeakers disappear without a trace. Once again I repeat – I do not have the explanation, only the results …

Acoustic cable MARKANOf course, on other musical genres, the cables play out at the highest level, but the energy of sound, which is the basis, the foundation of classical music and rock, is just a song… I don’t speak about the numerous other powerful CHANGES in the sound of your audio setup – there are a lot of them . Well, oh well, in this one can make sure for yourself, and now to the figures:

Each conductor of the MARKAN acoustic cable is manually recruited and consists of 1024 wires with a diameter of 50 microns.


MARKAN acoustic cables are manufactured with a fixed length: 2m 18cm.

The price of acoustic cable MARKAN 2m18cm in length is $249 USD.

For DAC MARKAN owners, this cable has a discount of $20.

The outer diameter of the conductor in the photographs is about 5 mm.

Half of the set (2 conductors) of the acoustic cable goes to the production of the “advanced” power cable MARKAN. But, on this – on the appropriate page.

The basic principle in the design of an acoustic cable MARKAN can be formulated with the words:

No “design” – only the necessary constructive. Nothing superfluous – just sound. You only pay for the sound. Nothing more is needed.

The acoustic cable MARKAN is supplied in a “non warm-up” condition – in order for it to come out to its operating characteristics, a certain period of “warm-up” on the working signal is necessary. I can not say “exactly how much” – apparently, it depends on the signal strength, on which the cable works during the warm-up period. The two-week trial period should be sufficient to appreciate the very high sound potential of the cable.

The ends of the cable are sealed with MARKAN’s “proprietary” solder. The length of the lapped ends is 15-20mm and is quite sufficient for clamping into the terminals of the amplifier and acoustics. The cable does not require any additional investment for the purchase of blades, bananas and other attributes and is fully ready for operation in the proposed form factor. For those wishing to install beautiful blades on their own, the information for consideration: an additional 8 blades of unknown materials and 8 solderings will not bring anything good into the sound. The cable structure is effective from the point of view of the struggle for TOP-END sound and sufficient for daily operation.

Acoustic cable MARKANThe very design of the cable is quite rigid, you should avoid sharp bends “to the fracture.” Wires made of pure copper 50 microns – this is the average diameter of a human hair – very plastic and soft, with them, even with a sharp bend, nothing will ever happen. Just in place of a sharp bend a soft area is formed and the cable will tend to bend all the time in this place – when switching, you just have to provide a little more accuracy than with the usual commercial products, which can simply be crumpled into your pocket and nothing with them will be. Because of this fact, MARKAN acoustic cables are supplied in large boxes to avoid having to fold them with a small bending radius.

Acoustic cable MARKANThe ends of the MARKAN acoustic cable, marked in yellow, are connected to the AMPLIFIER. This is due to the need to adhere to the optimal direction of cable connection. The red and black ends of the cable are connected to the corresponding red and black terminals of the amplifier and loudspeakers.

The marking pieces of the heat-shrink tubing, 10 mm long, are the only synthetic materials in the construction of the MARKAN acoustic cable. The cable simply does not have the opportunity to apply the usual brand logo MARKAN – just nowhere! All for the Sound!

MARKANYes, of course, the wire of 50 microns is a completely different class of conductor than that used in MARKAN interconnect cables. But, after all, the main task is to make the “top” sound available to any consumer! And it’s about TOP-END sound!

The choice of the loudspeakers is always the most difficult choice for the sound system. Selection of an commercial acoustic cable is always the most difficult choice of cable with unpredictable results. I guarantee that the serial MARKAN acoustic cable will fit perfectly into your audio system without any additional conditions, such as the type of other cables, hardware requirements, etc. As always, I guarantee that the serial acoustic cable MARKAN has a margin at a price of at least 5-7 times compared to branded competitors.

I must say right away: the appearance of the acoustic cable is quite pleasant, but it’s not easy to arrange the conductors in space, the conductors are very naughty, because they are quite rigid. The degree of separation of the conductors of one channel in space can be easily varied, thus, it is possible to provide additional influence on the sound: when the conductors are spaced, the sound will become more “free”, but the bass may become more hollow. Conversely, when the conductors come closer, the bass will become more focused, but the sound is more “clamped”. There should be some distance between the conductors, the best option – if they are fixed at this distance, and not loose freely in space – at high power it can always be noticed that the conductors interact with each other and move, and this is an additional loss of energy of sound. By eliminating these movements of the conductors relative to each other (even unnoticeable by eye), we will receive a grateful response of the system in the form of a more complex sound. Naturally, it is necessary to do this without the use of synthetic dielectrics – say, with the help of nice wooden slats (school wooden rulers). But, this is already “aerobatics”. And without all this, MARKAN acoustic cables will have something to surprise you with in sound even at the first start!

It’s not about the fact that “bass” becomes “bigger” or something like that – the bass becomes deeper, a well-defined and mobile infra-bass appears – you obviously did not suspect such possibilities of your loudspeakers.

But! In order for the cable to prove itself, it is necessary to give it a musical signal of the appropriate quality level. It is not to be expected that budgetary digital sources and amplifiers will be able to provide that infra-bass. If it does not exist at the source or amplifier output, then the cable can not do anything. For budget digital sources and amplifiers, budget acoustic cables with a more echoing bass are more suitable – the additional focus of sound will only bare the problems of budget devices in the low-frequency region. However, as life shows – absolutely always an acoustic cable MARKAN is able to radically affect the sound, because in the amplifier-> acoustic cable-> loudspeaker chain, it is the acoustic cable, in the overwhelming majority of cases, that is the “weak link”, which does not allow the components at both ends to open as much as possible. I have long ceased to be surprised how “weak”, in terms of sound, are even very expensive, praised in audio periodicals, commercial speaker cables (several thousand $) – now it’s your turn to feel it!

Do not forget that the cables require a fairly long period of “warm-up” on a real signal. I can not say “exactly how much” – I deal only with new products. The two-week review period should be sufficient for the initial warm-up of the cable.

Once again I will remind you: the choice of an acoustic cable is the most difficult choice of cables, because here a lot of factors are involved, the most unpredictable of which are the behavior of a particular acoustics in a particular room. The acoustic cable MARKAN provides the most predictable result for the promised parameters:

The sound is extremely focused throughout the band, excellent resolution and smooth sound throughout the range, the HF register acquires a crystal-silky hue that seems to be about to crunch! … but this does not happen and the next musical event completes its graceful turn in space and time … Acoustics begins to “breathe” on the listener. The tonal balance is extremely flat. Those characteristics, which I emphasized in the area of ​​low-frequency range – it’s just surprising with unaccustomed. Very quickly such a sound feed becomes self-evident, “goosebumps” is an integral part of life, and MUSIC is your best friend.

Is there a problem with bass in your system? Not just with bass? On this page you have already found a solution!

I guarantee that you simply do not have enough money to buy something “better” than this cable. We can talk about a few thousand dollars.

Try it! Compare! Make sure!

As always, acoustic cables are provided on the terms of the MARKAN  acquaintance program (see “Order” section for the terms of reference).

For owners of DAC MARKAN of any age who received the device directly from the manufacturer, when purchasing cable products MARKAN, a discount is given. For this cable, the discount is $20.

You can ask any questions about the products  MARKAN and find additional information in our  forum: MARKANaudio forum.

MARKAN – always in the center of sound!

Consumers of MARKAN audio products know more about happiness than others. Be happy!