Digital audio cables SPDIF and AESEBU best sound MARKAN

Digital cables MARKAN for S/PDIF interface.

Digital cable MARKAN RCA S/PDIFThe price of the digital cable MARKAN S/PDIF is $149 USD.

The MARKAN digital cables are made in the same ideology as MARKAN interconnect cables, taking into account the nuances of working with digital signals – the conductors are no longer spaced apart, but form a twisted pair. All the same, different solders are used at different ends of the cable – the tuning adjustment of the MARKAN sound feed is always refined.

Digital cable MARKAN RCA S/PDIFRCA MARKAN connectors and linen fabric construction are even more ideal for high-frequency digital signals, where the properties of dielectrics are even more pronounced than in the field of analog signals.

The only branded digital cable that was better than MARKAN was Transparent for $1500. But, it was a long time ago. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, MARKAN technologies and  materials have become incommensurably more advanced. If you have competitive cables of such a price level – it would be interesting to hear the expert opinion. If there are no such competitors – courageously use digital cables MARKAN.

Digital cables MARKAN for AES/EBU interface.

The price of the digital cable MARKAN AES/EBU is $149 USD.

Usually,  commercial cables for the AES/EBU interface have some advantage over similar  S/PDIF interface cables of the same class. This is due to the even greater influence of “excess metal” in the contact nodes of the “standard” RCA connectors at the high frequencies of the digital signals with which these interfaces operate.

As you remember, in the RCA MARKAN connectors, the amount of metals and the properties of dielectrics are fully optimized for the maximum possible sound, so the MARKAN digital cables RCA (S/PDIF) and XLR (AES/EBU) are completely identical in sound and have no competitors in terms of the audio result. If you still need the cable for the AES/EBU interface – you can see in front of you the best cable for this interface.

MARKANWhat else can I add. Good commercial digital cables are rather small in assortment and very weak in frontal collisions with MARKAN cables. Let me remind you, at high frequencies of digital signals, not even conductors, but  dielectrics play a decisive role. In MARKAN digital cables, the conductors of the cable and the dielectric of the construction, plus the optimal connectors, work for guaranteed success in the comparisons. Usually, commercial cables have no chance at all – practice inevitably confirms this.

You need the best cable. It’s always MARKAN.

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