Best sounding interconnect audio cables RCA and XLR MARKAN

The MARKAN interconnect cable is a real diamond among the cables!

Interconnect cable MARKAN RCASound cables are a whole complex of engineering factors and constructive solutions aimed at achieving maximum sound potential. And we proudly declare that we have succeeded!

The conductor is made of the most pure copper, using only natural materials in the construction of the cable, custom-made connectors with pure silver contacts – what else is needed to get a “champion” sound? Ah, yes … it also needs many years of experience in this field, a few “secret” technologies and many, many friendly comments from consumers! And this is all in our design!

The MARKAN RCA interconnect cables are manufactured with the same extreme approach to the struggle for sound quality, like the DAC MARKAN.

The MARKAN RCA interconnect cables have been upgraded to new custom-made connectors in the uncompromising struggle for the highest sound performance. And with the previous ETI Bullet Plug connectors they were at the top positions (see reviews on the forum), the new connectors made it possible to achieve even more impressive sound characteristics.

“Magnet for music” – a new series of interconnect cables MARKAN. The complication of the technological process of making cables has made it possible to get to the most  deepest secrets of sound. The sound properties of the new series are dramatically different from those produced earlier. The effect produced by the introduction of new cables MARKAN RCA in any audio  setup  fully justifies the name of the series – it exceeds the effect of the replacement of any active component in audio setup and completely independent of the other cables used in your audio setup. Such a sound does not happen!

Conductor of interconnect cable MARKAN dialed manually on the principle of litz wires of the wire diameter of 20 microns, which, in turn, was made by pulling a single crystal from a melt of copper technology. This method of pulling single crystals in audioperiodics known as method of Japanese professor  Ohno, although those method for a long time  been used in the Russian (Soviet) military industry for high-precision tasks. This wire was made in the 70s in the bowels of the Soviet defense industry and represents a unique end result of technological thought. For reference: the diameter of a human hair is, on average, 50 microns. The wire does not allow itself to be treated with male hands – it clings to all irregularities of the skin all the time and is damaged. The formation of a litz from this wire to obtain a conductor of the required cross section is handled by female hands – only they are able to cope with such technology.

The MARKAN RCA interconnect cable has a standard length of 90cm (along the conductor) or about 94 cm between the tips of the connectors.

Cables have an unusual appearance – everything is optimized for sound. The cable turn-on direction is indicated by wooden nameplates with the company logo – its shape and stylized arrows on it indicate the directions of the signal from the source (DAC) to the consumer (amplifier).

Everything is made extremely accurately and soundly.

The price of MARKAN RCA interconnect is $249 USD.

For owners of DAC MARKAN, these cables are given a discount of $20.

In the price category up to $ 1500, it is impossible to find competitors for MARKAN interloconnect cables. You can make sure of this yourself, using the terms of the MARKAN acquaintance program in the “Order” section.

A lot of reviews. Sound guarantee. The test period is 14 days.

The cable structure is formed in the form of a flat strip 50 mm wide from natural linen – no synthetic dielectrics, only natural plant fibers and air between them. Cable conductors are at the edges of this wide tape and are thus spaced apart in area.

Interconnect cable MAKAN RCAYes, I perfectly understand that this appearance is “unconventional” for similar products and does not glitter with attractive design and appearance. Cable design is only needed at the time of purchase – in order to stand out from the competitors. The interconnect cable MARKAN has won its popularity with its only characteristic – the ultimate sound. In actual operation, the cables are hidden from the eyes and the only thing that can characterize them is sound. At this stage MARKAN interconnect cable is already out of competition. The concept of developer relationship to design can be briefly characterized:

No “design”, only sound. Nothing superfluous, only sound. You only pay for the sound.

The feeling of elegant simplicity of appearance is an invaluable quality.

A lot of reviews. Sound guarantee. The test period is 14 days.

The RCA connectors for the MARKAN interconnect cable are selected based on the concept of using the minimum amount of metal in the connector’s construction. The metal parts of  commercial connectors are always made of metal, convenient for serial machining (mostly brass, gilded on sublayers of nickel – this is always visually noticeable on the connectors worked) and have nothing to do with the tasks of sound reproduction.

Interconnect cable MARKAN RCAIn interconnect cables MARKAN RCA all contact parts are made of pure silver and do not have additional internal connections. This metal is the most optimal for detachable connections, and is widely used to cover contacts in high-frequency technology. It is often possible to find information about the manufacture of  conductors of audio cables from this metal.

I view this option as the most optimal for forming the contact parts of the connectors for high-quality sound reproduction.

In the MARKAN RCA cables, the cable entry into the connector is fixed with a brass stud, which makes the connector non-separable – there are no parts inside the connector that require user intervention.

Plugging the connector should be done not allowing its rotation counter-clockwise (the connector will unwind). If necessary, small rotational movements are allowed in a clockwise direction. The connector must be held by the black shank.

The usual accuracy – and the cable will serve you 100 years even with active switching.

In the period 2011-2018, we produced at least 150 sets of MARKAN RCA cables made using this technology – no reprimand from consumers, neither on the reliability of the connectors nor on the reliability of the cables themselves.

A lot of reviews. Sound guarantee. The test period is 14 days.

The contact assembly of MARKAN RCA connectors is made of solid wood – no synthetic dielectrics! Originally it was planned to make it from teflon, but direct comparison of the sound results showed the undeniable advantages of the unit from the tree, which determined the final choice. All for the Sound!
MARKAN RCA connectorsThe weak point of this concept is the small range of the “springy” course of the cut petals. Hardware RCA sockets often have a noticeable variation in their size. As the “standard”, the sizes of the sockets installed in the DAC MARKAN were chosen, which have excellent repeatability of sizes and coincidence with the socket dimentions of other serious manufacturers. Each MARKAN RCA connector is manually adjusted for tight switching with the reference socket.
If this connector is to be switched with a non-standard “thick” socket – do not use excessive force, just put a small effort on the connector – silver provides excellent contact without the need for additional efforts.
The tailings of the connectors are made of ebonite (this is the material obtained by vulcanization of natural rubber with sulfur, too, no synthetics).
What we have: the connectors work fine in sound, they are very neat, they look good (better than the ETI used earlier), they have excellent “catchability” (better than ETI’s), they are quietly switched to narrowly located equipment sockets (14mm between centers) , and they are simply pleasant to take in hands!

MARKAN RCA connectorsMARKAN RCA connectors  can be purchased separately. The structure has a convenient and reliable configuration, soldering can be done without any fears – the tree will not melt and lose shape.

I guarantee that these connectors have the best sound characteristics among all the connectors that you can buy for money.

The price of a set of connectors MARKAN RCA of 4pcs – $149.

If you have your views on the optimal design of connectors – we can realize your ideas.

Interconnects cables MARKAN with XLR connectors (balanced cables).

Interconnect cable MARKAN XLRPrice of the complete set: $299

They differ only in the additional conductor in the cable of each channel (balanced construction), which influenced the price.

XLR connectors are purchased, carefully selected for their sound properties.

Due to its sound properties, the balanced cable MARKAN XLR produces an even more “convincing” impression than the RCA cable, in direct comparison with branded products.

TInterconnect cable MARKAN XLRhis is explained by two reasons:

  1. A large number of signal conductors (3 conductors for XLR, 2 conductors for RCA in each channel), which increases the comparative difference with commercial products.
  2. Less availability of top XLR cables from branded manufacturers (primarily because of their very high price).

Do you agree only on the best XLR cable? It’s in front of you!

For owners of DAC MARKAN, these cables are given a discount of $20

A lot of reviews. Sound guarantee. The test period is 14 days.

MARKANA piercingly lucid and clear sound, beautiful bass and unexpectedly “manifested” infra-bass is the usual style of MARKAN cables. Nothing can compare with the sensation of the “open window into the world of music”, which always arises after meeting MARKAN cables. A real diamond among the cables!

“Magnet for music” is not just a beautiful slogan. This is an absolute reality. Sounds, suddenly, start to turn into Music. The transition to old consumer cables, usually accompanied by exclamations “What kind of nonsense did I listen to before? !!”

Too many letters! Can it be briefly: how about  our “goosebumps”?” Some impatient readers may ask. And what kind of conversation about music can be without a perceptive sensation of “goose bumps”? Of course, the MARKAN interconnect cables provide the listener with a full truck plus a small cart of strong positive emotions and a certain amount of “goose bumps” – replacing one cable with a MARKAN cable can not produce too much magic in your audio setup, it will simply be more effective than change of the any component of the audiosetup (acoustics, amplifiers, etc.) – that’s all. Oh yeah, “goosebumps on the body” – this is over and above this, a bonus, so to speak.

Yes, I almost forgot. The formation of the sound potential of MARKAN cables occurs at such a thin level that it is necessary to use two different types of solders from different ends of the cable – one solder (MARKAN solder) at one end, and another MARKAN solder, but with 1% gold on the other end of the cable. I have at my disposal at least a dozen different top branded “boutique” solders – they all are much inferior in sound to the solder MARKAN, which also had to be harmonized at one end of the cable for the conceived sound feeling of the MARKAN cable. Those, all here in the upper class.

MARKAN interconnect cables are the only domestic cables that use serial connectors of their own production. Very few of the eminent  firms can boast such an opportunity. But, that’s not all! After all, the main thing is sound. From the very first moments of acquaintance with the audio feeling of MARKAN cables it becomes clear why this brand is so well known and discussed in our country.

The effect of introducing MARKAN interconnect cable to an audio setup exceeds the effect of replacing ANY COMPONENT of the setup and is completely independent of other cables used in your audio path. I guarantee that, beginning in 2014, MARKAN interconnect cable is the best interconnect cable that can be bought for money. A real diamond among the cables!

Try it! Compare! Make sure!

MARKAN cables, like all MARKAN products, are available for acquaintance within the MARKAN acquaintance program in the “Order” section. Take advantage of this offer and you will be surprised how little you knew before about a really serious sound!

For owners of DAC MARKAN of any age who received the device directly from the manufacturer, when purchasing cable products MARKAN, a discount is given. For this cable, the discount is $20.

Usually, at the first acquaintance, the appearance of all MARKAN cables causes a smile. With frontal comparisons on real sound with expensive commercial cables, everyone is not up to smiles – especially to the owners of these most expensive  commercial cables.

“They meet along clothes, see off along the mind” (Russian folk wisdom).

“Meet the cables by sound, and not by clothes – then you do not have to see them off. This is if the “by mind” “(the wisdom of experienced audio enthusiasts).

We are also pleased to offer you acoustic, digital  and  power cables MARKAN in the relevant sections of our site. You can ask any questions about the products  MARKAN and find additional information in our  forum: MARKANaudio forum.

Life is just a habit. Start to get used to live with a good sound!

MARKAN – always in the center of the sound!

Consumers of MARKAN audio products know more about happiness than others. Be happy!