RCA connectors best sound MARKAN audiophile

MARKAN RCA connectorsRCA connectors MARKAN.

The connectors for the MARKAN interconnect cables can be purchased separately. The design has a convenient and reliable configuration, soldering can be done without any fears – the wood will not melt and lose shape.

I guarantee that these connectors have the best sound characteristics among all the connectors that you can buy for money.

The price of the set of MARKAN connectors from 4pcs is $149 USD.

MARKAN RCA connectorsIf you have your views on the optimal design of connectors – we can realize your ideas.

In the photographs, connectors with an inner diameter of the shank are 10mm and 14mm. MARKAN cables use connectors with an inner diameter of 10mm, while the outer diameter is 14 mm, the connectors are quietly inserted into the nearby equipment sockets.


MARKAN RCA connectors

For audiophiles only 🙂 !

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